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Jennifer Love Hewitt's Brother Todd Hewitt Shares an Emotional Post about JLH on Instagram πŸ’™

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This is hard...this one, I share DNA with. She is the perfect lyric of a song I have been trying to right for 40yrs. 
She is without a doubt...the most tenacious individual I have ever known...I will share a quick story that I hold very dear...
My mother and Lovie had been in LA for literally just a couple of weeks. She went on a Barbie “casting call”. We spoke that night and as they widdled down from approximately 300 10yr olds to my sis’ and one other they decided on “tho other” girl dear sis’ announced “they said my accent was to thick and I lost...but Bubba that won’t ever happen again”...a lot of water under that bridge and not many loses.
It is almost impossible for me to speak of her for more than 20 secsonds and not cry. You see, she is the perfect amalgamation of the women of my family. She is bold. She is brave. She is confident. She is compassionate. She is embracing. She is caring. She is the person we see in the mirro and the person we pray that the world ges introduced to...
I once had a woman on a trip to NYC grab my shoulder and say...”I hope she’s as nice as the woman on the show”...I calmly held her hand and expressed “she is so much more”. The character that captures her beauty, her compassion, her grace and her elegance has yet to be written. 
I pray each day for a stillness in her life...not because she lacks it as an opportunity but because she most days trades it for an opportunity to do/give to someone else.
I can’t introduce you to my baby sis’ because she is a unicorn, she does not exist ....roll every favorite song, every favorite photo, every special bite of a treat,every hug and every joyous money of your life into a single moment of exhilaration and desperation ...that is my relationship with this amazing woman.
I love you wee-1!