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🎊Happy New Year! 🎉 2020 ❤️

10 Years Ago... Happy Holidays message from the cast of Ghost Whisperer

❤️ Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎄❤️

Jennifer Love Hewitt Out Shopping in Santa Monica 12/18/2019

10 Years of Jennifer Love Hewitt -aholics! ❤️🎉

It's been 10 years since I opened a fan page about Jennifer Love Hewitt (Jennifer Love Hewitt <3) and started to share all news about her with you! Thank you all for being here and thanks to JLH because I gained lovely friends because of her. ❤️ 

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Son Atticus, 4, Enjoy Outing at a Local Grocery ... spotted grocery shopping in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 1.

❤️ A Calendar for December 2019! I hope you'll like it! 😇❤️