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Today is Autumn James Hallisay's 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday to Princess! ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! ❤️

Scream Queen Jennifer Love Hewitt's Quiet Life: Inside Her World Out of the Hollywood Spotlight

Jennifer Love Hewitt is off the grid.
Well, not the grid-grid. She's still a proponent of electricity and internet service, and she even joined Instagram in August.But since appearing on Criminal Minds for one season, she has taken a decisive step back from the Hollywood scene, focusing on family life with husband Brian Hallisay and their two young children, daughter Autumn and son Atticus.We couldn't help but think of the actress this month when the 20th anniversary of I Know What You Did Last Summer scared us all over again on Oct. 17—and just in time for Halloween. Hewitt marked the nostalgic milestone on social media but otherwise didn't pop up to chat about it, as co-stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillippe did earlier this year."I remember it was a really exciting time becauseSarah Michelle Gellarand Freddie Prinze and Jennifer Love Hewitt and I were all kind of starting our careers out, and it felt like it was our first big-studio movie at the time," Phi…

❤️ Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to Jennifer Love Hewitt & Brian Hallisay! - 21.11.2013 ❤️

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Jeans – Out in Brentwood with her daughter Autumn James Hallisay and her assistant. - 16.11.2017

Jennifer Love Hewitt shares a lovely pic with a heart melting birthday message to her husband Brian Hallisay on Instagram! ❤️

💛 A Calendar for November 2017! I hope you'll like it! 😊💛