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Jennifer Love Hewitt at Kari Feinstein’s Academy Awards Style Lounge

Jennifer Love Hewitt and a friend seen leaving a hair salon after getting her hair done in Beverly Hills, CA.

♥ Happy Birthday Jennifer Love Hewitt ♥

fashiontv - Max Azria Fall 2011 NYFW Full Show - nyfwFTV

Jennifer Love Hewitt on Celebrities at the Max Azria Fashion Show during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, NY.

“Café” on Maya’s EFM sales roster

Maya Entertainment has picked up international rights to the rom-com Café starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jamie Kennedy and Alexa Vega.
Sales head Elias Axume is talking to buyers here on writer-director Marc Erlbaum’s debut about a ravishing coffee shop employee who impacts on the lives of those around her, including a drug dealer and a young woman.
Café is the first film to emerge from Nationlight Productions and was produced by J Andrew Greenblatt, Erlbaum, Sean Covel and Chris Doc Wyatt.
Kevin Iwashina of Preferred Content and Alexis Garcia of WME Global brokered the deal on behalf of the producers with Maya’s Tonantzin Esparza.
“Maya Entertainment is pleased to be a part of this unique comedy that sheds a light on how intertwined our everyday lives and communities really are,” Axume said. “Marc has created a wonderful story that at its heart has a dynamic performance by Ms Hewitt.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Says Real Women Should Be Celebrated, Not Picked On
Ever since the 31-year-old star was publicly criticized for pictures of her in a bikini looking somewhat heavier than her I Know What You Did Last Summer Days, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been outspoken about body image. She’s even spoke up for the sake of other celebs who have fallen victim to similar media attacks! Keep reading to find out what she said! caught up with Jennifer at New York Fashion Week, where the runways are flooded with the thinnest of the thin and the pressure is always on to be looking your best.
She told us, “I think its important that we in Hollywood, and in the business, start paying homage to [real women] instead of picking on them. We’re picking on what real women look like and that’s not fair. They’re the women who buy the magazines and go see the movies. I do think that, just like everyone else, that drop dead gorgeous, size zero, super tall models are amazing look…

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Boyfriend Buys Her Flowers 'Every Day'
Jennifer Love Hewitt probably doesn't give a hoot about Valentine's Day: Her boyfriend Alex Beh gives her flowers every day! Seriously. Every. Single. Day.
"He buys me flowers every day," the actress said in an interview Thursday (via Us magazine). "Ever since we met."
Ok, but, really? "Every single day -- I'm serious!" she insisted. "He'll either give me a bouquet, or handpick one. So sweet!" Now that's dedication -- and some cash!

If he spent, say, $15 bucks a day on a bouquet, over the 8 months they've been together (that's about 250 days), then he's spent something like $3,500 already! On flowers.

Her advice for landing a thoughtful man: "I would say just trying to remain yourself in the midst of it. In dating, we always try and create these new people that we're not because we think that's going to get us a perfect partn…

♥ Jennifer Love Hewitt & Alex Beh in New York City for fashion week ♥

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is 'Lost' in Love

Walter Scott Asks...Jennifer Love Hewitt

Actress, 31, co-starring with Betty White in The Lost Valentine (CBS, Sunday at 9 ET/PT)

WS How did you get along with Betty White?

JLH She's the most phenomenal person I've ever met. Her energy is unreal, and she's so beautiful, kind, and witty. I grew up watching The Golden Girls, and I was completely obsessed with her.

Why should people watch this movie?

JLH Romance is one thing that doesn't go out of style.

Speaking of romance--tell us about yours.

JLH I met Alex [Beh] at a party. He was the funniest one there. I thought I was done dating for a while, but the heart makes decisions without the brain.
Is having a love life difficult in Hollywood?

JLH It's the same bad dates, the same heartbreaks.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt: You don’t have to be raunchy to be grown-up

Düzenle Jennifer Love Hewitt: You don’t have to be raunchy to be grown-up 03 Şubat 2011 Perşembe, 15:48 tarihinde Jennifer Love Hewitt <3 tarafından eklendi We’re barely one a month into the new year and it’s already shaping up to be Jennifer Love Hewitt’s best yet — she kicked off 2011 with a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for her role in “The Client List,” could repeat at September’s Emmys, broke ratings records alongside Betty White in “The Lost Valentine” and might be engaged any day now to boyfriend Alex Beh.
So yea, she’s made pretty short work of the last 31 days.
To celebrate the DVD release of her Golden Globe nominated movie, I caught up with JLH to talk about the reaction from fans, from Hollywood and from her family!

PopWrap: First off, congrats on The Golden Globe nomination.
Jennifer Love Hewitt: Thank you! It was awesome, but I was totally shocked. I never pictured it getting me a Best Actress nomination – all my love to The HFPA. That was jus…

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT has landed her dream job

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT has landed her dream job - she has been hired to cover the red carpet at the final TWILIGHT movie premiere for TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. die hard fan revealed she has yet to meet Twilight hero Robert Pattinson after he snubbed her at a photo signing, and now TV bosses have stepped in to make her wish come true.
Appearing on Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday (01Feb11), the actress told host Billy Bush, "I actually waited in line to take a picture of him (Pattinson) after the very first premiere for, like, an hour and 15 minutes and, as I got up to take my picture, they were like, 'Robert, are you tired?' He's like, 'Yes', and he left."
But then Bush offered her the job of a lifetime, asking Hewitt if she'd be interested in reporting on the red carpet at the next Twilight premiere.
Thrilled Hewitt screamed and said, "Are you kidding? Really...? Oh my God... …