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Betty White Receives a Legacy Award from Jennifer Love Hewitt

Betty White is still receiving awards in her late 90s! The legendary 97-year-old actress was presented with a Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award on Wednesday (January 23) and her former co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt presented it to her. Betty, who turned 97 last week, worked with Jennifer on the 2011 made-for-television movie The Lost Valentine.

Named in honor of Brandon Tartikoff, one of the most esteemed programmers in the history of television, the Award was created to acknowledge a select group of television professionals who have demonstrated the highest degree of excellence in their field. “Brandon, the wonderful part, he was not only a fine executive, but whenever his name came up, somewhere in the room you heard, ‘He’s a nice guy. He’s a special guy.’ And that doesn’t always happen with everybody, but it certainly did with Brandon,” Betty said.


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